Balkumbia is a multicultural project that was started in Barcelona by musicians with various cultural backgrounds.

As the name indicates, the band is influenced mainly by Balkan melodies and Latin rhythms.

So with it’s “dance fusion of immigrant rhythms” (fusion bailable de los ritmos inmigrantes) Balkumbia starts it’s tour with a show that takes the audience to an imaginary trip through various countries of the world!

The last year our band had various concerts in the main cities of Spain, south of France, and main stages of Barcelona.

Band members:

Ugnė Danielė: Voice, guiro (Lithuania)
Bora: Flamenco guitar (Turkey)
Pier Paolo: Saxophone tenor and soprano (Italy)
Emilio: Trumpet, Flugelhorn (Italy)
Diego Sáez: Ukulele Charango and voice (Chile)
Andrés: Drums and Percussion (Spain)
Uriol: Chelo (Catalonia)
Diego Bernal: Darbuka (Catalonia)