Έλενα Γεωργιάδου και Παναγιώτης Τσαγκαρούλης

Elena and Panagiotis are bachelor students of Ionian University in the Audiovisual Arts department. Their last project is “genous thilikou”, a recorded performance and video art, directed and scripted by elena and music by panagiotis. The first projection was in the 10th festival of audiovisual arts in corfu.

Elena is a video artist and photographer. Her main sources of inspiration the human body and nature.

Panagiotis deals with sound design and composition of electroacoustic music and soundscapes . He has participated with his work in three festivals of audio and visual arts department and participated with the project ” feritos ” on Days of Electroacoustic the ESSIM, took part in Corfu in December 2015 and in the event “Music without codes”, at the Athens Concert Hall in February 2016.