Who we are

The non profit organisation O.S.C.S. (organisation for social and civil stimulation) together with the support of the local Corfu munincipality have come together to create and organise the first Vida Laska festival. The team consists of people who live and work in the island of Corfu. The aim is to promote and encourage the co existence and merging of different art forms on the islet of Vidos, having as our foundation environmental and socio-political awareness. Any profits from the festival will be used for the development of the festival and the care taking of Vidos island.


Social action

Connecting the past with the present. The island of Vidos has a rich socio-political history which in itself encourages us to tint the character of Vida Laska with such a stance. During its history the island has hosted a juvenile detention centre, and prisons for political detainees during the civil war.

Bridging the past with the present the festivals social focus for the first year of Vida Laska will be raising awareness on living conditions within prisons and detention centres in general. This will be explored through different art exhibitions and installations during the festival.

On the same note we intend on collecting books which will be then donated to juvenile detention centres in Greece. We invite you to support us in this action with books that you might want to donate.

Updates regarding collection points for the books will follow. Stay tuned